Why Milkminder?

Milkminder is an invaluable dairy management tool which provides both financial and technical data, helping you to make informed decisions relating to your dairy business.

Milkminder is easy to use with facilities to input your own information online; all you need to get started is your unique client number and password which we will provide. Alternatively, you can send your information by email, post or telephone to our team, who will be happy to input your information and produce your monthly reports.

Please click HERE to see an example pack of reports for Milkminder

Milkminder features include:

• Clear and concise monthly reports on your milk production, feed usage, stocking rates and profit margins

• Monthly benchmarking allows you to see where you stand in comparison to other dairy farmers in your area

• Annual summaries and accurate forecasts help you to budget and plan for the coming months

Information is easily accessible; reports are clear and simple to interpret.

Milkminder is supported by a dedicated agricultural and IT team. All your information will remain confidential and is fully backed up, eliminating any risk associated with losing valuable data.

Privacy Statement

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